Building Your Home Inspection Business

Home inspections are a booming industry, but that also means that you’ll be up against some competition. With some easy steps and dedication, you can continue to see steady growth in your business over time.

Like many things, scaling your business is best done with a plan and clear goals in mind. That way, you can keep track of your efforts and gauge which are the most effective, so you know how to make the best use of your time moving forward. 

Building your home inspection business through networking 

Networking, whether it’s an old hat for you or brings a cringe to your face, is one of the best ways to market and grow your home inspection business. Networking is vital for solo home inspectors and businesses alike, helping you build a consistent business pipeline. 

Partner with real estate agents. This is one of the best ways to keep new clients coming in. Real estate agents meet with dozens of clients each month, and each of their meetings is an opportunity for them to promote your business. 

The partnership terms you work out can be as formal or casual as you want them to be. Maybe you’ll work out a referral fee for each client you land from a real estate agent’s recommendation, or maybe it’s a more casual arrangement — how you choose to set up the partnership is up to you!

Attend community events. Meeting people face to face is a great chance to make connections with others you may not have ever crossed paths with otherwise. Real estate presentations, chamber of commerce events, and neighborhood BBQs are all perfect opportunities to make yourself a familiar face so that when people think of buying a home, your name is the first on their mind for home inspections. 

Sponsor local events or teams. This can be business-related, like sponsoring a home buying presentation with other business members in the community, or non-work related, like sponsoring a local baseball team. Not only does this get your logo and company name out there, increasing your exposure, but it also gives you many opportunities to be included in community events related to your sponsorship. 

Marketing for your home inspection business 

Marketing often falls to the wayside for business owners, especially those working solo or with small teams. When there’s a ton of work to be done, taking precious time out of your day for marketing tasks can seem impossible. If you can eke out even a tiny amount of time, or hire a part-time marketer or freelancer, you can significantly impact your business. Below are some of the main areas to focus your marketing efforts on for the most results:

  1. Digital marketing – Whether you’re a digital native or resistant to the “whole social media thing,” it’s hard to deny that it’s an effective tool for growing your business. If you don’t have a social media presence, there are a few reasons you should take the time to establish and post on social media.

First, many potential clients will turn to social media to check out your company. Having up-to-date social media provides proof that your company is legitimate and professional. 

Second, people are increasingly looking to social for recommendations and finding new businesses this way. If you’re missing entirely from those platforms, there’s a good chance you won’t have the opportunity to catch the eye of those people. 

  1. WebsiteA professional and updated website is as essential as having a social media presence. The look and feel of your website today is the equivalent of a storefront in past decades. If you were to hear about a store from a friend and then go to the storefront only to find that it was in poor repair, obviously outdated and rundown, it might make you wonder if the quality of the work done by that business is reflected in that.
  1. Word of mouth – As most small business owners know, word of mouth is gold. As the adage goes, if someone has a positive experience with a business, they might tell one person but if they have a negative experience, they’ll tell ten people. So, word of mouth works both ways, giving even more incentive to provide your clients with an exceptional experience, from start to finish. 

It can be a bit uncomfortable when you first start doing it but asking directly for clients to leave reviews online is a great way to increase your exposure and make it more likely that you’ll be found on search engines. Google pays attention to ratings and will be more likely to recommend you to users by putting your company at the top of the list if you have reviews.

  1. Paid advertising – Whether you advertise on social media, a search engine like Google, or via local signage and print ads, this can be a game changer for growing your business. Which option works best for you will likely depend on your audience and how they consume content. Online is your best bet if your target audience is primarily millennials buying their first homes. If you work in an area with a higher percentage of retirees, you’ll likely want to lean more towards traditional advertising. 

Invest in digital tools that make your home inspection business thrive 

  1. Find software that streamlines your workflow

Software that helps you to keep multiple streams of information in one place and integrate it, like ISN’s platform, is ideal for helping home inspectors make the most of each hour of the day. Built for home inspectors, in particular, these platforms are tailor-made to have everything you need to be laid out intuitively.

  1. Use a scheduling tool for social media.

Tools like Hootsuite, HubSpot, and Later are all online software platforms that allow you to schedule your social media posts in advance. While you still have to create the content and write posts, you can sit down and do that all at once instead of worrying about it a few times a week, losing track, or throwing in the towel altogether.

  1. Keep your Google My Business profile updated.

When you Google a company and that sidebar pops up on the right-hand side with all the info you’re looking for, that’s because someone at that company has correctly set up Google My Business. It doesn’t take long to input your information, and it will help to bump your business up in Google search rankings so that when someone searches “home inspectors near me,” you’re at the top of the list.

You’ll need to set aside some time to work on a plan, set marketing goals, and test platforms, but trust us — it’s all worth it. If you’re consistent in your efforts, you’ll see positive results from your work. You can always hire a marketing expert to help you keep the ball rolling if your business grows to the point that you can’t commit enough time to market anymore. In that case, it’s a win for everyone because you’re also scaling your company and providing job opportunities for others.