ISN User Reviews and Testimonials

I had been looking for a reliable online scheduling system for my multi-inspector company based out of Arlington, Texas. I had been using a software base scheduling system that had crashed a couple of times and I lost all of my client and realtor contract information.
After switching over to the ISN, I have not regretted a single moment. The ISN performs wonderfully and the customer support “if ever needed”, is beyond reproach. I am a numbers person and I know the ISN is one of the reasons my company has continued to grow year after year. The ISN system is not only the best online scheduling system on the market, but it also provides great company branding during and after the inspection.

Brian P. Murphy
A-Action Home Inspection Group –

Every minute my staff is not having to fumble around with orders and is able to go on to confirming an order, or to getting another order or making an outbound marketing call and not have to worry about processing twice the inspection, that in itself is making me money. But how it is making me true money is the fact that with the 203k integration I am able to market to lenders and they love the fact that the automated access to recording information there is no one else doing that in my market so I am now generating and increasing my market share for 203k consultations because I am giving my lenders and contractors information and resources they had no other consultant giving them. So yeah I am making more money because of ISN.

Catherine Hall
203k in a Box –

The customer support cannot be better. Including in the beginning when your asking a lot of “dumb questions” that they probably don’t have to deal with much. It’s so nice to be able to have people patient since we are not computer technical type of people. To be able to have that extra support and have the patience for someone who just isn’t that technical whether it’s myself or my wife who does run most of the scheduling and uses it.

The learning curve is pretty quick. We hesitated quite a bit of switching over out of fear for learning something. To get up and running to do the baseline type of work is done very, very rapidly. After a couple of weeks of just orders coming in your definitely there.

John Tyler
Checklist Inspections –

ISN assists me in my ability to prepare for the case to properly defend the inspector, to properly advise. What I like to present to the carrier is that I have an insured who did everything by the book, did everything as clean, there was clear communication with them and their client. It makes it easier for me to defend the case and quite honestly later on it makes it easier for them to renew their insurance because the carriers want to see that these people are doing things in a way that’s going to prevent claims. And the best way to prevent claims is advance planning. Sometimes it will save the inspector the cost of their deductible which can run up to $5000 depending on the policy.

Joseph W. Denneler, Esquire
Litigation Attorney –

The technical expertise and industry insight of the engineers, programmers and support personnel of the ISN team combine to deliver a quality of product that is unparalleled. Add to that the level of customer service the ISN team provides—and they are truly unmatched in the Information Technology world!

As a multi-faceted consulting and assessment firm, we needed to find a single solution that still allows us to meet the unique requirements of our diverse clientele. ISN has given us the flexibility to conform to individual client requests, while remaining consistent with the platform and process. That personal touch resonates with our corporate belief that long term successful business endeavors depend on trusting relationships

Speaking of trust, we are fortunate to provide services for several Fortune 100 companies, and as such, the need for quality, reliability, confidentiality and security of the delivery system is paramount. As a company, we have such confidence and trust in the qualities of ISN, we include those capabilities in proposals to new clients. Together, we can offer standard-setting levels of report deliverable s and client interaction tools. It is simple – ISN makes us look good!

The ISN team is fantastic to work with. They exude patience when we ask very technology-ignorant questions, and forgive us readily when we manage to confuse things on our end. Their corporate philosophies of unwavering customer support and empowering end user customization are rare qualities, and you would do well to partner with them.

Kristi Uhland
SkyeTec –

The most useful tool of ISN would be managing my business as far as how many inspections we’ve done this week, this month, this year as comparing to previous months, previous weeks and previous years cause then I know if I am up or down and then I can adjust my business practices accordingly. So if I need to go out and do some marketing or if I need to touch some agents and just reach out to them and see what going on in the reporting features. The agents reports as far as the performances reports you know how busy you are and who’s been giving you the most business and who maybe you need to go visit and say hi to. Just to stay in contact with them.

The agent feedback is huge. First of all we had to tell one of our local competitors about ISN. We love him and refer business to him but what was happening is agents were going to him and saying how come you don’t send confirmations like Honor does? How come you don’t send the invoices after the inspection and a thank you like Honor does? Where’s my reminder before the inspection like Honor does? And he was starting to get really mad and frustrated so even though he is a competitor he is still a high quality inspector that I have a lot of respect for so I introduced him to ISN and he said, oh this is how you have been doing that and this is why the agents are coming to me saying how come you don’t do things like Honor does because they got used to it. When the reports go out they look tremendous as far as the presentation to the client, the way that it has a picture of the agent up in the right hand corner with a little bio under the agent. it’s very impressive to the clients. It’s a big wow factor, and the agents like it because we’re promoting them as well. I think that is huge. They just appreciate us staying in contact with them and keeping them informed and we get emails back saying thank you so much for reminding me. The best thing about it is I send a follow up email after the order is booked that says, are there any additional codes, are the utilities on, just confirming everything is ready for the inspection and it’s actually saved some inspections and made sure they could happen. No matter the size of your team I highly recommend you try ISN. You will wonder how you ran your business before!

Michelle Shishilla
Owner, Honor Construction –

We started with ISN about 1-1/2 years ago. We had been contemplating using them for about seven (7) years and finally said we need help scheduling and doing all the little things that ISN is capable of doing. We were growing and doing the inspections, doing the paperwork, doing the scheduling, handling all the phones. It was something that was able to take a little bit of the burden cause I didn’t have to worry about oh my gosh, did I send out an email to a client to confirm the inspection, or did I send them an agreement, ISN does it all. And it’s one of the best things we actually incorporated.

We brought in another vendor to handle our phone calls, they integrate seamlessly with ISN and that is where you start seeing the increase in income.

Agents and clients absolutely love it because within an hour of them booking an inspection their receiving a confirmation through ISN’s automated system. 24 hrs before the inspection their receiving both an email and text confirmation that the inspection is still on and then when we send out the reports it’s all completely automated. We don’t touch it. We upload the reports and the software handles it from there.

It’s something we should have done a long time ago. You run a business a certain way, you want it to run your way, you think your way is the best. These guys have designed it and they know what they are doing. It’s nice to deal with people who listen to what your needs are and they do.

Mark Wahl
Waypoint –

As a business owner I can see how many inspections we are doing daily, compare to what we did last year, last month, the previous years. Tracking the money, how much we are doing daily, how much we’ve made for the year, everything is right there at your fingertips

I know we can check where the areas are that are slowing down because we can do it by zip code. We can find out which is working for us, we can find out what realtors haven’t used us in the last 90 days so we can market back to them to find out what’s going on, to find out if we did something wrong or it’s just that they’re slow. So there’s so many details inside of ISN that makes it easy to control your business.

The ISN mobile works great for us because you’re able to accept credit cards right there online, they can sign the agreement at the inspection if they didn’t do it previously and they receive an email that they id sign it. When we do a credit card right there they receive an email that they paid for it. Everything is done it is real smooth and if they pay by check we can actually enter the check number so it shows that it is paid to the report can be released.

We do a lot of marketing in our area but I know that ISN with the backend emails, the follow ups, the 30 day to 60 day to 90 day, the 6 month and the 1 year. We are also getting feedback from the buyers that are bringing us back 1 year after because they are getting that email from us that says it’s been 1 year you need a checkup inspection and we are getting extra inspections just from that.

Bob Massanova
SWF Home Inspections –

One of the keys things that was really a benefit from my perspective was something my attorney had been telling me all along that I needed to send my contracts to my client prior to the inspection. We started trying to fax it and mail it to them with limited success but now ISN does it all automatically for us. Another one that my office absolutely loves is at the other end of the spectrum we get done doing the inspection and upload it into the ISN and at that point and time we send a link to our client saying the inspection is done and we have the opportunity uploading it and indicating yes, they have paid or no they have not. If they have signed the contract they can download and then they are ready to go, if they haven’t signed the contract or are not paid then a message pops up that they need to sign the contract, or you need to pay for it and we take MasterCard or Visa and here is how you pay for it. It has helped my office a lot in terms of not having to chase the money and so forth especially when the client is not able to attend the inspection. I am extremely happy with it. I don’t see how you can go wrong, It’s worked extremely well for us. My office manager likes it. I have been very pleased with them and would hate to think about running our company without ISN!

Ron Huffman
Huffman Inspections –