Independent Home Inspector Salary

An independent home inspector performs inspections of residential properties to look for issues with primary systems and components of a home. But how much do home inspectors make, and what is the average independent home inspector salary? The answer will vary depending on a wide range of factors, including the state you work in, how many inspections you perform per year, and the current demand for the profession. If you’re interested in becoming an independent home inspector, read on to learn more about how much money you could earn. 

What’s the average home inspector salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a building inspector is approximately $62,860 per year. However, this number only applies to building and construction inspectors, which is different from an actual home inspector. 

What’s a home inspector salary range?

A home inspector’s salary can range between $44,000 per year on the low end and over $60,000 per year on the high end. This number depends on your state and many other considerations, including how much you charge for an inspection and how many you perform. 

Is being an independent home inspector profitable?

Working as an independent home inspector can be a profitable venture. You may choose to perform home inspections on a part-time basis, which translates to doing anywhere from a dozen to about 100 inspections per year. If you decide to be an independent home inspector full-time, you’ll make more. Overall, how much money you make depends on the amount you charge and how many home inspections you complete. Let’s say you charge $300 per inspection. If you do 100 of them within a year, you’ll make approximately $30,000. 

How much does a new independent home inspector make per year?

So, how much do inspectors make if they’re new to the field? A new independent home inspector may earn less simply due to lack of work. Established independent home inspectors know how to network with agents, focus on customer service, and market their services in order to gain more business. Most inspectors can complete two inspections a day. If you charge $350 per inspection at two per weekday, you could make a very decent salary. The key is to build your client base and spread the word so you can get as much work as possible. 

How much does it cost to become a licensed home inspector?

You’ll need to pay for training and licensing in order to become a licensed home inspector. The cost of training varies depending on which school you attend or which certification training course you take. Once you finish training, you’ll be required to pass an exam before applying for a state license (where applicable). In addition to the cost of your training, you’ll need to complete an application and send it to your state’s specific department along with that state’s specific licensing and application fees. Certain states like Colorado and California are not regulated, while others require you to be licensed and pay a license renewal fee annually. Research the requirements for your state to help you determine how much it will cost. 

What determines how much home inspectors make?

Your home inspection salary will vary depending on a few things, including how much you charge and how many inspections you perform each day, month, and year. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to increase your profits.

What factors can improve a home inspector’s salary? 

Here are some factors that may improve a home inspector’s salary.

  • Location: If you work in an area with a busy real estate market, you’ll make more money due to higher demand which means you’ll perform a higher number of home inspections versus areas with slower market activity.
  • Experience: More established home inspectors tend to make more money due to their reputation with customers. The longer you work, the more clients you’ll gain, and the easier it will be to grow your business as time goes on.
  • Add-ons: If you want to make more money, consider offering additional services like conducting mold inspections, checking for lead-based paint, and inspecting properties for the presence of asbestos. Inspectors who perform pool and spa inspections or use thermal imaging to look for moisture or heat loss can also make more. These add-ons allow you to charge more to your customers, but you’ll need to be trained and certified for each before you’re allowed to offer these services. 

Are independent home inspectors in high demand?

Due to the increase in property sales through 2020, 2021, and likely into 2022, independent home inspectors are currently in high demand. When the real estate market is booming, it means that more people are looking to buy and sell their homes. This increase means there’s more work available for you. Factors like mortgage interest rates and the volume of available housing in your area can impact the demand for home inspectors, so it’s important to keep a close eye on the market. 

Is the average home inspection salary competitive in comparison to other trades?

In general, a home inspector’s salary is competitive compared to other trades. For example, painters make approximately $40,280 per year, while plumbers make closer to $55,000 annually. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more advanced trades like construction managers make more money, coming in at about $97,180 per year.

What states are the best in terms of home inspector salary?

While the state you live in isn’t the only factor used to determine the average home inspector salary, it can have an impact. The best states in terms of annual salary include New York, New Hampshire, California, Vermont, and Idaho. Remember that the cost of living may be higher in these states, so a lower salary doesn’t always mean a lower quality of life.

Bottom Line 

Knowing more about the average home inspector salary can help you determine whether or not this is the right career for you. With patience and effort, you can become a successful independent home inspector and make a profit. Let the Inspection Support Network help you grow your business. Visit our website to learn more about our pricing and sign up for your free software trial today.