The Best Online Courses for Home Inspectors

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If you’re interested in becoming a home inspector, you might be wondering where to get your home inspector education and training. As with many other professional and continuing education fields, there’s a growing trend toward online learning and there are several training programs to choose from these days. Here, we share the most popular online home inspector training courses and compare the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you and your budding home inspection career.

Is an online home inspector course right for you?

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It’s best to first ask yourself if an online home inspector training course is right for you. Online education can be a great option for many people and it’s a popular way to complete the required home inspector education, particularly for people who are still working and transitioning out of a different career. 

Here’s a rundown of who might benefit most from online home inspector training programs:

  • In some states, a formal home inspector training program is required for new home inspector certification. 
  • If a home inspector moves to a new state, they may need to take a course to be certified to practice.
  • Real estate professionals who want to know more about the home inspection process.
  • Home inspectors who want to continue their ongoing education in the inspection industry.

Bottom line: Anyone who wants to become a home inspector—even if a particular state does not require taking a home inspection course—would benefit from enrolling in an online home inspection course. Regardless of the course, students will gain industry knowledge that is valuable to prospective clients. Completing a course may offer students an opportunity to build a home inspection network that will grow over time. Many of the courses include home inspection marketing tips which is key to establishing and growing a successful business.

What can you expect from an online home inspector training program and what should it offer?

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All online home inspector education classes, whether online or in-person, should offer the following:

  • Detailed instruction about what to look for during an inspection, good and bad
  • Guidance in writing home inspection reports and training in best practices
  • Training in how to use the most popular home inspection software
  • Education about how to interact with homeowners, home buyers, and real estate agents
  • Training in safe practices, safety equipment, and emergency procedures when encountering a dangerous environment
  • Information about how to run your own home inspection business and how to market it

Bottom line: A home inspection training and education program should set prospective candidates up with a solid base of both technical and marketing knowledge. The course should offer training in the most popular home inspection report software programs. Many of the courses offer software as part of the package, or may offer discounts to enrolled students. Some home inspection courses offer additional training in niche services such as mold and radon detection, so it’s a good idea to read the fine print to understand what is and isn’t included in your course. Another thing to consider is how much support students receive while taking the course, and what materials or support are available after course completion.

What should I look for when researching online home inspection courses?

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  • Reputable companies with years of experience in the field.
  • Whether the curriculum will meet certain criteria, such as obtaining a home inspection license or continuing education credits.
  • Whether the curriculum is best for new home inspectors or for continuing education for established home inspectors.
  • Whether students in different states can benefit from the curriculum. It’s important to understand the licesning requirements for the state where you plan to practice as a home inspector to make sure the course you choose will satisfy those requirements.
  • Whether the course is self-paced or is more structured. Make sure you’re honest with yourself about what type of course structure will work for you. Self-paced courses are great for full-time workers who need flexibility, but they also require more self-disipline. 
  • How long it takes to complete the course.
  • Amount of ongoing support you will receive while taking the class. 
  • Whether or not marketing and basic business management are covered
  • Cost of the course, which can vary greatly. Be sure to look for or ask for discounts on your course, scholarships, financing options, or payment plans before you sign on the dotted line. 

Bottom line: We chose courses that offered a variety of benefits based on our criteria above. Individuals will need to compare their needs such as learning style, budget concerns, and any prior base of knowledge against what the courses offer.

What are the best home inspection courses?

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These encompass courses online that offer curriculum appropriate to multiple states. If a student is interested in a course that is specifically applicable to their own state’s requirements there are additional options. For example, those who want to get a home inspector license in Texas might look at Champions School of Real Estate® Texas home inspector education. This course addresses state-specific requirements. If a prospective candidate wants to acquire a Florida home inspector license, there is an option through the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors®.(InterNACHI). This course is online and free to members of the organization. It’s a combination of 20 online courses that amounts to 120 hours of training approved by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). The cost to join InterNACHI is $49 a month, or $499 a year. Read on for more information about InterNACHI education. 


When deciding which home inspection course is right for you, make sure the course offers a curriculum that is applicable to where you want to set up your business. Home inspection involves both technical knowledge and savvy marketing skills. So, it is important that training includes things like how to set up a business, website management, and networking skills. You’ll need to learn about home inspector insurance, how to price your services. Some of the courses offer niche training in such specialties as mold inspection and radon detection. As you will see as you scroll through the options listed below there are advantages to each of these courses. If budget is a big concern, that will help you narrow your choices down to courses that offer either a low fee or financing options. If getting the broadest base of knowledge including ongoing support is what you’re after, you might consider American Home® Inspector Training (AHIT). 


American Home® Inspector Training (AHIT)

  • Its stand-out feature is unlimited technical and instructor support
  • The self-paced online course is backed by decades of industry experience.
  • Teaches students about marketing and business as well as the technical aspects of the industry.
  • Course materials are available electronically as well as in book form.
  • Supplemental materials are provided as required by particular states.
  • If required, National Home Inspection Exam books are provided.
  • Standards of practice employ a hybrid of state-specific standards as well as the national standards.
  • InspectlT® Reports provided with a free 90-day trial, and subsequent student subscription discount.
  • Students are provided with a home inspection tool kit and a paper inspection report to get started.
  • Offers continuing education and professional development courses.
  • Cost varies by state; AHIT costs more than other: training costs range from $700-$2,000.

ATI Training

  • Single platform providing professional training and plenty of professional resources.
  • Offers marketing courses.
  • Founder has over 30 years of experience in the industry.
  • Includes free inspection software.
  • Includes books and an inspection video library.
  • Includes NHIE Test Prep but does not qualify for pre-licensing training requirements in 13 states.
  • They guarantee passing marks on state exams (except for those listed as exemptions on the website). 
  • Includes mold, radon inspection, and drone training.
  • Course costs begin at $695.
  • Financing available.


Kaplan Home Inspection Education

  • Self-paced course, works well for those who prefer self-directed study.
  • Offers courses tailored to 31 states.
  • Offers both home inspection training and continuing education.
  • Home inspection software instruction.
  • Thorough offering of instructional videos, online pre-recorded seminars. 
  • Offers home inspection career resources.
  • Cost is under $800.


International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

  • This is a budget-friendly choice and members have unlimited access to 1,200 hours of online education.
  • Offers practice questions to prep for licensing exams.
  • Offers members’ only discounts for major home inspection software and more.
  • Offers resources for business formation.
  • Members can work toward InterNACHI certification at their own pace.
  • Join for $49/month or $499/year.

Professional Home Inspection Institute (PHII)

  • Self-paced online courses can be complete in as little one to two weeks; a good choice if speedy completion is the goal.
  • No time limit for access to the online course system, lifetime access.
  • State approved training courses, curriculum available that is appropriate to each state.
  • Includes a free home inspector website so new inspectors can setup a business affordably.
  • Includes free home inspection report software.
  • Live support 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. 
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Cost ranges from $740 to $1000 depending on your course and add-ons.


Inspection Certification Associates (ICA)

  • Good value: the cost of the course includes a number of valuable bonuses including 15 niche services such as Radon inspection, well water testing and inspection, and mold inspection.
  • Lifetime access to ICA course and materials.
  • Completion of the course completes requirements for home inspector training in nearly every state.
  • Graduates are eligible for a one-month membership to InterNACHI for continuing education and mentorship.
  • Includes home inspection software.
  • Includes marketing training including how to start a career.
  • Includes a fee lifetime listing on to attract clients.
  • $695 for online course and bonus materials.

Mckissock Learning

  •  Best choice for continuing education for home inspectors.
  • The organization was founded in 1991.
  • Offers continuing education across various professional associations including American Society of Home Inspectors, InternNACHI, and the California Real Estate Inspection Association.
  • Inspectors can choose the state specific curriculum.
  • The certification program is $695 which includes an individual course fee of $480 and the application fee which includes the exam and application documents. 


  • This is the best choice for National Home Inspection exam preparedness study.
  • The only exam prep system.
  • Features comprehensive home inspection practice tests.
  • Test variety, enrollees never take the same practice test twice.
  • Offers a guarantee: student pass their exam or the course is free.
  • Features a “Readiness Indicator™” that helps you determine if you’re prepared to become a home inspector.
  • Covers a wide range of 15 primary topics.
  • Offers technical support during business hours and on the weekends.
  • Students have 180-day access to course materials with the option to purchase additional access time.
  • Cost is $99.

As you can see, there are a lot of different home inspector education options available depending on your needs. As long as you do your research and ask the right questions, taking a formal home inspector education training course will take you one big step closer to starting a new home inspection career.