Make your business work for you by using home inspection report writing software. Whether you’re a new home inspector or have years of experience, this software plays a crucial role in complicated home inspections and maintaining a good relationship with clients. 

There are a few key things to consider when writing a home inspection report. This software comes with a number of benefits, and you’ll learn how to leverage home inspection report writing software as an important tool in your business. 

Writing a home inspection report

Drafting a home inspection report can seem tedious and complicated. Writing a report requires a different skill set than inspecting properties and interacting with clients. 

Not only do you have to record the issues you found, but you also have to do it in a way that the homebuyers can understand. That means using correct grammar, avoiding too much industry lingo, and deciding which pieces of information are useful to the future owners of the property. 

Useful information includes a description to define the system or component, notes identifying items that aren’t working or may fail soon, and how that defect might impact the homeowner. You should also provide directions on how to fix any defective items or systems. If possible, providing a ballpark estimate on what it will cost to fix is also helpful. 

You’ll probably provide a lot more detail in person during the walkthrough, but remember, when it comes to the report, you’re documenting the issues of the home. Don’t get stuck going down a rabbit hole on an issue you personally find fascinating. Every defect should include the item, the problem, the effect on the owner, the location of the problem, and a recommended action and time frame for repairs. The home inspection report prioritizes the future homeowner and what they need to know in order to enjoy their new home.  

That said, make sure to note if there was any difficulty during the inspection. If you couldn’t access a major appliance like the furnace, note that in the report so you’re not liable for any furnace problems down the road. Any information required to meet your standards or licensing agreements is also useful to you and your business. 

Formatting is also important. Many buyers appreciate reports that include an executive summary of the state of the house, sections with headlines on each major system and issue, and paragraphs that are clear and easy to read. 

Include pictures or illustrations where possible. If a damaged furnace vent is releasing exhaust into the basement, a picture of the problem will clearly communicate the urgency of repairs. When drafting an online inspection report, include videos or use 3D modeling when applicable. The more clear and more concise you can be, the better. Pictures and videos can sometimes explain things quicker than the paragraph you would need to write explaining a problem. 

Another benefit of using photos, video, and illustrations is that these additional touches make your inspection reports stand out to existing and potential clients. Potential clients will want to look at previous inspection reports, so making a great first impression is important. 

As a business owner, conveying confidence in the inspection report is crucial. Recommend a specialist for further evaluation when necessary. If you recommend further evaluation for half the problems you identify, your client might lose faith in your inspection report. 

Ultimately, remember to be clear with your recommendations and do your due diligence as a licensed home inspector. You’ll deliver the report to the buyers at the end of the final walkthrough, but you can also incorporate reminders on the report so you won’t miss anything when you take them through the property.

Streamline the process with home inspection report writing software

Writing a good home inspection report can take a lot of time, especially if you’re new to the business. You’d rather spend that time making connections with real estate agents, going on walkthroughs with prospective buyers, building on existing client relationships, and inspecting homes. Plus, you’re likely on a deadline to get that report over to the buyers so they can make a final decision on buying the house. 

You can’t rush on the inspection report, or you might miss something important. You must provide enough details to please your clients, manage your risk as a business owner, and ensure the report can be delivered electronically or on paper without looking messy. 

Home inspection report writing software is designed to make the reporting process as quick and simple as possible so you can spend more time on the parts of your business you care most about. 

How does home inspection software work?

The home inspection report writing software is a set of computer programs that helps you generate the home inspection report you’ll provide your clients. Look for a home inspection report writing software program that’s easy to use, includes customizable templates, and provides continual online support if you run into an issue. 

This home inspection software makes writing your inspector’s report quicker and simpler. Customize a template to use for your report and input the necessary information. You won’t have to fuss around formatting photos and drawings. Your home inspection report will be clear, informative, and easy to read – everything your clients are looking for. 

Additional benefits of home inspection report writing software

These days, home inspection report writing software can help you in many areas of your business. Inspection Support Network software offers a variety of services, including an automated report writer with intuitive data entry, voice command, recording capabilities, and photo editing features. 

Creating an interactive home inspection report will impress prospective homebuyers and real estate contacts, but the software can’t help you if you’re unsure what to do with it. Look for home inspection software that comes with a responsive support team that can help and educate you on how to get the most out of the software. 

Aside from automatically generating a home inspection report, there are a few other pros to using this software as a part of your business: 

  • All of your information has a single, encrypted home: Save any property-related documentation without worrying about misfiling paperwork or things getting moved around during staffing changes. Store photos, videos, and more for detailed reports. 
  • Easily access your documentation: If you have a screen, you can make a note in the inspection report right away about a defect that needs repair. No more trying to read a scribbled note while typing a home inspection report at midnight. 
  • Your reports will be standardized: New hires and current colleagues follow the same format. Your home inspection reports will be clear, confident, and useful, no matter the experience level of the inspector. 
  • Start your inspection report on site: Some home inspection report writing software records and transcribes your observations during the inspection so that you can start the paperwork immediately. Take photos, record videos, and let the report writing software do the rest. 

Home inspection report software best practices

Home inspection software allows you to write high-quality inspection reports. Quality home inspection software also helps you manage your business, communicate with staff, clients, and real estate agents, and create professional websites.

ISN works for you so you can stay ahead in a fast-growing competitive field. Whether you’re a one-person operation or part of a national brand, this suite of software tools is designed to save you time on mundane tasks so you can grow your business through amazing client experiences. 

ISN lets you automate certain aspects of your business, from scheduling to business management, while improving client communications. Home inspection reports are interactive. Make on-site notes with voice-enabled data entry, edit photos and videos of the property, and seamlessly deliver the inspection report to the buyer. ISN can be used in conjunction with other tools, like Home Inspector Pro and 3D photography. 

Choosing a home inspection report writing software with a top-notch support team is crucial. Support services help you easily navigate the software and assist you whenever needed. ISN provides additional support services to benefit your home  inspection business, such as single inspector or full company training. 
No matter which software you choose, it’s clear that home inspection report writing software helps you spend less time on those administrative tasks that keep you out of the field. Create an amazing client experience with a detailed, automated home inspection report and streamline your business with ISN home inspection report writing software.