How to unlock savings on premium home inspection software AND grow your business fast

According to, United States homebuyers now face a shortfall of nearly 6 million homes, making it difficult for all those who want to buy a home to find one.

What does limited supply mean for the home inspection industry? It means competition is tight. You have to fight harder to get in on any potential transaction, and every penny counts when it comes to growing your business.

The good news is, we’ve continued to make changes and add value to the Porch Gold program since its launch in 2018, all to help make home inspectors more competitive. Now, inspectors can unlock tons of value via the benefits below, both for their businesses and for their clients. 

Here’s what inspectors get:

  • Waived monthly minimum ISN fee – ISN’s $10 monthly minimum fee, completely waived for Porch Gold and ISN users
  • Free or discounted inspection report writers – Get 20 percent off Inspector Nexus’ report writer or a free report writer from Palmtech
  • Discounted premium ISN SMS – Easily communicate with clients and agents on ISN with Premium SMS for $5 per month (usually costs $15 per month)
  • Free marketing materials – Easily market your new offerings with free co-branded emails, presentations, and videos.
  • Profile on – Boost your presence with homebuyers with a custom Porch profile
  • Porch Home Assistant Gold – a personalized concierge service that helps your clients manage all aspects of their move, plus $100 in Porch handyman credits and an online moving checklist

Plus, you can choose an additional benefit for greater savings or earnings potential, such as:

  • Porch Repair Estimate Report Discount – $20 off RER. Increase your per order margin potential by $60! Normally $40 cost to inspectors, with Porch Gold, inspectors receive a 50 percent discount on RER.
  • Sponsored ISN benefit – Get ISN fees sponsored for every inspection that has Porch Gold provided to your clients
  • Inspector Services Group benefit – free RecallChek report as well as a discount toward the warranty package that includes a 90-day structural and mechanical warranty and optional SewerGard, MoldSafe, and 5-year platinum roof leak protection plan
  • Porch 90-day inspection guarantee – provides homebuyers with coverage for items not reported during an inspection, for up to 90 days after the inspection
  • $200 in Porch handyman coupons – Give eight $25 coupons to every customer for things like furniture assembly, TV hanging, and gutter cleaning

Also, we’ve overhauled and improved the way homebuyers opt-in to Porch Gold. In the past, the onus was on home inspectors to tee up and explain the program to their clients.

Not anymore. Now, when a client signs and agrees to their inspection agreement, a pop-up opt-in window appears outlining the benefits of Porch Gold along with confirmation and decline buttons prominently displayed right in the agreement. Clients who decline are prompted to confirm they want the Porch Gold program removed from their inspection. As a result, they will not be referred to or contacted by Porch for the service.

We’ve got a more detailed breakdown of the updated opt-in process for you here.

Ready to reap the benefits of discounted home inspection software and make your business stand out against your competitors?