How To Manage Multiple Inspectors To Grow Your Home Inspection Business

With rising interest rates dampening the real estate market, it’s more important than ever for multi-inspection firms to manage their teams as efficiently as possible.

Running a multi-inspector business means you must wear many hats, including customer service, financial operations, sales, and management. When the real estate market slows down, you need to use all available resources to keep your business profitable. 

Managing multiple inspectors efficiently is one of the most important steps for growing your business efficiently. ISN home inspection software can help. 

How to manage home inspection teams

Your home inspectors are on the go all day, every day. They do home inspections, communicate with clients, and file reports, among many other things. While they are not always easy to reach because of their busy schedules, you can easily track their activity via ISN.

Keep track of your home inspectors’ hours 

The time clock feature in ISN is located in ISN’s platform under Settings, and you can use it to see each home inspector’s work schedule and assign them new tasks.

Find out how much individual inspectors generate in fees 

You can also monitor how much each home inspector generates in home inspection fees. ISN gives inspection company leaders insight with the Payroll report. This is one of the most helpful features for tracking an individual inspector’s performance. 

When using ISN, it’s important to remember that the payroll settings and inspector earnings report is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of a formal payroll system.

We also recommend running a test report each time you enter a new inspector in your ISN system to ensure that the results are accurate. 

Keep track of your home inspectors’ schedule

Use the Google Calendar Sync feature for visibility of each inspector’s work day, and keep track of other important dates and events all in one place. This enables you to identify see the availability of inspectors on your team in the event of a last-minute inspection appointment being scheduled

Syncing your ISN calendar with your Google calendar is an excellent way to access your inspection schedule from anywhere, whether it is your smartphone, iCal on your Mac, Outlook on your PC, or your Google calendar.

Assign tasks to your home inspectors on the go

With ISN, you can make sure your online scheduler availability is up to date, and all available inspectors are assigned to the correct services on your online scheduler.

While most communication between you and your inspectors once occurred via desktop computers and phone calls, things have changed. Now, you can easily reach multiple home inspectors and keep a track of their progress from your smartphone.

Quality is the name of the game

Ensuring the quality of the inspections your team performs is obviously a crucial aspect of building a successful business. ISN’s Quality Assurance system allows an office manager to review and quickly let an inspector know if their report is acceptable or not.

Manage teams efficiently with home inspection software

In today’s cooling home inspection market, it’s vital that you be able to manage your company’s home inspectors efficiently. With home inspection software like ISN, you will have the tools you need right at your fingertips to run lean and maximize profits by making the best use possible of your team’s time.

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