How To Manage Multiple Inspectors To Grow Your Home Inspection Business

Running a home inspection firm is challenging enough without considering multiple inspectors to track and manage. As a business owner, at some point in the life of your firm, you’ll find yourself wearing many different hats.

Management — Before your business is large enough to justify hiring a manager; you’ll, you’ll be filling that role, overseeing team scheduling and other daily tasks.

Sales — Unlike retail, service sales require active lead generation and maintenance.

Financial operations — As the proprietor of a multiple home inspector firm, you’ll handle all monetary incomings and outgoings.

Customer service — Whether you manage customer service directly or not, at some point, this task will require tracking customers and complaints.

While all these roles are easy enough to oversee when a business is small, you’ll need greater efficiency to grow a home inspection business successfully.

Efficiently managing a staff of home inspectors is challenging, but with the right software, that tricky job gets easier.

With features including an online scheduler, payroll reporting, a calendar that synchs with Google, a time clock, and more, ISN home inspection software can help you manage multiple inspectors efficiently.

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage a firm with numerous home inspectors with ISN’s home inspection support software.

How to manage home inspection teams

Before you set about working at a multiple home inspector firm with the assistance of efficiency-enhancing software, there are some foundational aspects you need to have in place as a leader. 

These foundational aspects include:

  • Setting concrete goals for the growth of your business. Knowing how you want your business to grow is the first step in getting it there.
  • Having a clear idea of what your business should look like. You should be able to visualize how you want your home inspection firm to look, both to your clients and your team.
  • Networking and building professional relations. Networking is one of the best and easiest ways to market your business and establish commerce relationships. Not to mention, this valuable skill yields free results.
  • Making sure you and your team keep on top of technical training and current trends. Education should be constant. When new techniques and trends present themselves, ensure that you and your team learn them to stay on top.
  • Making sure you line up your business’s time management, accounting, and legal structure from the start. By doing your due diligence, you’ll reduce the risk of a problem coming up in these areas later.

Being a home inspector means your team members are up and running all day. Aside from completing home inspections, your inspectors are traveling between clients, filing reports, communicating with their clients, and so much more.

Imagine you have a team of 5 home inspectors. As their leader, you need to know – and be able to keep track of – the following things:

  • Their availability — Being able to track what days your team members work, including booked time off, will help you avoid scheduling mistakes.
  • Their daily schedule — Last-minute inspection appointments will pop up. An efficient schedule will help you monitor the workload of each of your team members.
  • Their reports — The home inspection report is as important as the home inspection itself. An online platform will help you ensure your inspectors are submitting quality reports.
  • Their collected fees — You need to be able to track the expected fees and ensure they’re received.

This hectic schedule can mean that your team isn’t always easy to reach, but ISN’s software lets you easily track their daily activity. That way, you don’t need to contact your inspectors to know what they are doing. Keeping tabs on everything this way will allow you to grow your home inspection business quickly.

Keep track of your home inspectors’ hours 

There are several benefits to using an online time clock, including:

  • Saving your inspectors’ time — If your inspectors don’t have to clock in physically, they can save time by going straight to their client’s home.
  • Saving you money — If you’re keeping an eye on your employees’ productivity, you reduce the likelihood of paying for hours they aren’t working.
  • Making payroll reporting easier — By tracking the exact hours your team members work, you take the guesswork out of the payroll process.
  • Making management’s job simpler — A time clock holds each team member accountable for their work hours.
  • Monitoring check-in behavior — You can ensure your team members are staying on track by monitoring check-ins.
  • Gaining productivity insights — Using a time clock will allow you to see how productive your team members are.
  • Determining compensation — Since time clocks enable you to see how productive your employees are, they can also make it easier for you to determine fair compensation.

As proprietor of a multiple home inspector firm, it’s your job to keep track of each home inspector’s schedule and maintain each of the above aspects of your business — including assigning new tasks as needed. ISN’s time clock feature lets you keep track of each schedule and manage your home inspectors’ workloads.

You can find the time clock feature on ISN’s user platform under “Settings.”

Find out how much individual inspectors generate in fees 

An essential aspect of home inspector management lies in maintaining complete clarity concerning monitoring how much each of your home inspectors generates in home inspection fees. ISN provides home inspection firm proprietors this clarity within its payroll settings and Inspector Earnings Report feature. These options are a great way to track individual performance.

As easy as these features will make your job as the company’s leader, it’s important to remember that the data generated by them is for informational purposes only. So don’t plan to use them in the place of a proper payroll system.

We suggest you run a test report to ensure accurate results when you hire a new home inspector and enter them into your ISN system.

Keep track of your home inspectors’ schedule

Creating schedules for multiple home inspector firms can make you feel a bit like a spider spinning the threads of a web. While it’s one thing to know each inspector’s typical working hours, it’s another to make multiple schedules work together — and assign inspectors for each available job. 

There are a few different ways to create and keep track of your firm’s scheduling web:

  • Plan ahead, where possible — Last-minute jobs will always pop up, but if you can plan ahead, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble.
  • Time off and holidays — Ensure your employees book time off well in advance, so you can make sure you have enough people to bridge the gap.
  • Be flexible — Some employees may not be able to work standard hours, so a little flexibility is needed. 
  • Create a template — Having a strict template to follow when arranging a schedule takes much of the guesswork out of the process.
  • Use scheduling software — Scheduling software typically allows you to collate your employees’ availability while helping you create a workable schedule.

Assign tasks to your home inspectors on the go

ISN software will allow you to make sure your online scheduler is entirely up to date. Additionally, the scheduler will enable you to assign all your home inspectors to the correct services.

Where communication with your staff was once done entirely over the PC or through phone calls, that is no longer the case. These days, you can use your smartphone to track the progress of your home inspectors.

Quality is the name of the game

Quality of service is what gets your customers to refer your company to their friends and family and, thus, how your business grows. Naturally, ensuring the quality of the work your home inspectors do is critical to building your business. Whether you manage your home inspection firm yourself or have hired a manager to do the job, ISN’s Quality Assurance system will simplify ensuring that your home inspectors deliver quality work through strict accountability.

Manage teams efficiently with home inspection software

The home inspection market is cooling down, so it’s vital to manage your home inspectors as efficiently as possible. You can use multiple software types to manage your firm’s various day-to-day aspects of your firm, but that option will only waste your precious time. With ISN software, you’ll have the necessary tools to run your home inspection firm efficiently, all in one place. You can increase profits by streamlining your scheduling, task management, and payroll.

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