Expert Advice: Starting Your Home Inspection Business

Starting a new business is never easy, and doing it in the field of real estate and properties is no exception. There are plenty of elements to consider when you are an entrepreneur: you have to be open to learn, try new things, take risks and understand that failure in some aspects is just a part of the journey.

Luckily, there are a lot of people who have walked this path before and whose experiences and knowledge we can learn from. We have gathered some experts in real estate, home inspection, business, and entrepreneurship who have shared with us valuable tips and advice.

What should you have in mind when managing a service business?

The main resource any service business consumes is human capital. Not only is a service provider the most expensive resource of any service business but also is responsible for providing excellence in service. It is, therefore, important to manage this resource effectively. However, the answer is not to work faster or harder. The answer lies in developing good, consistent processes that can be replicated day in and day out. This happens when the process is digitalized.

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What are the most important elements when starting a Real Estate/Home Inspection Business?

Almost every business to be successful, it needs a thorough plan on how to operate it and make estimations on how profitable it is. Real estate business is no exception. If you want to start a property business or real estate business, you need to consider the following:

Location for Property Management Business

A place where you are going to start your property business has to be a place where there are many people who are looking for residential houses for renting. That is if you are into a rental property. Apart from that, if you are into real estate which sells property, you also need a place where there

is good infrastructure (roads, access to electricity, water, access to shops, etc).

Target market for real estate business

Who will be your customer? Let’s say you are building real estate homes for the purpose of selling them. Are you going to go for newly weds or for rich people or for middle class income people? These are some of the questions you have to take into consideration. When you start almost every business, you have to narrow down your target market so that your job may be a bit easier for you. 


This is another factor you should consider while delving into a real estate business. You will need money to start building,  get a trading license for your property business, and to promote your business on different media platforms. If you consider a business loan for real estate business, another question arises;  You should have means of capital to fund your real estate business.

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What are the best tips for an entrepreneur to start a Real Estate/Home Inspection Business?

There are a variety of elements involved in the process of starting a Real Estate/Home Inspection business. One must be willing to invest time, money and effort into the building and expansion of the business.

Proper research is also necessary to ensure that they have a good understanding of property values, income levels, and trends in the industry.

Finally, it is also essential that they not be afraid to face uncertainty as it is an inevitable part of entrepreneurship. Some of the best tips for starting this type of business are:

Research property trends, income levels and property values – Finding out property values in an area is key to knowing if it is worth investing in or not. Also, understanding what local trends there are will help you know where the business should be focusing on.

Regularly update your business plan – By investing in research and writing a plan, you will be ready to expand and build your business with confidence.

Understand the idea of risk – “Risk” is a huge topic in all facets of the business. And while it may seem impossible to know what risks are involved in real estate, you can still try to understand the concept of risk through research and personal experience.

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How should you use discount strategies for this type of business?

Generally speaking, discount strategies should incentivize existing customert and new prospects to do business with you. What you could do is offer discount for new prospects when you do a service for clients. Also offering discounts to attract early-bird buyers or woo new opportunities. Discounts could help you generally to grow your customer base.

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What are great strategies for social media channels for a Home Inspection Business?

Educate your audience on all things about home inspection across your social media channels. Also yse social media ads to project some home inspections you’ve done before. Using video content to help prospects imagine what it feels like to own or live in their dream home is also a great strategy, adding information about the importance of a home inspection. Finally, don’t forget to share compelling user-generated content and testimonials to gain the trust of your social media community.

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How to Use E-Commerce for Service-Based Businesses?

You can use e-commerce to promote your services online. It is a great way to share your brand identity and attract customers. Some businesses also make direct sales via e-commerce websites. Customers can directly order and make payments for their services online.

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What are the most important tips to start a marketing strategy?

As a Home Inspector, you are in a unique position that every self-employed person finds themselves. You get to work in your business as a “technician” but also on your business as its CEO, Sales & Marketing Director, and Financial Officer.

These are some marketing basics you need to have in your business:

  • Up-to-date Website + Contact Info (Google yourself and check!)
  • Setup Social Media Accounts + Review Websites (and use them!)
  • Setup association member profile(s) if you belong to one
  • Advertising: basic print materials (business cards, brochures), local classifieds, email newsletter ads, Google search ads, franchise tools, event sponsorship, etc
  • Market yourself to complementary industries – give referrals & get referrals
  • Take advantage of PR opportunities: give interviews, run workshops for Realtors or Brokers, get active on social media, or write editorials for websites/newspapers/magazines
  • Network in real life – make it a goal to meet new people every day

James from Twin Creek Media

How could a YouTube Channel help improve sales for a New Home Inspection Business?

Before buying a property, many first-time buyers conduct numerous online research via social platforms like Google and YouTube. If your home inspection business has a presence on YouTube, you stand a great chance of being discovered by these ready-to-hire prospects. Furthermore, having a YouTube channel lets you flaunt your expertise using live inspection videos, multi-property video series, before-and-after inspection results, property issues identification, profesional recommendations, etc.

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What are some good tips for starting your Real Estate Business?

The real estate market is a competitive place. A niche can be the difference between you getting lost in the crowd or standing out as an expert. Study your local market and see if you can find a niche that needs filling so you can more precisely target your marketing.

In-person relationships are central to a successful real estate business, so a solid networking plan is crucial for your success. Friends and family are not enough — you’re going to have to dig deeper and wider. Rather than asking your contacts for business, create a free offer — a small helpful service or tidbit of information. 

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How do you start building up reputation for a new business in Real Estate or Home Inspection?

The media is a great tool for helping build your reputation in the property market and introduce yourself to prospective clients. Journalists from TV, radio, and print – including property editors – are always searching for stories on interesting houses, new research, sales figures, and trends that will be of interest to their audience. The value of positioning yourself as a “go-to” spokesperson for the media is that it raises your profile, builds brand awareness, and establishes you as a credible authority.

Agencies, developers, and those considered to be ‘market leaders’ often have in-house communication teams or work with outside public relations firms to identify listings and stories that can be offered to the media and work on your behalf to identify newsworthy opportunities where you can provide expert comment. The media coverage creates valuable exposure and provides content that can be shared across websites and social media to further build your profile.

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Why is it important for business to have their own website?

Having a business website is essential from a marketing standpoint. It facilitates customer attraction and sales generation through SEO and PPC campaigns. Websites are also crucial for trust-building, as it gives a brand the social proof it needs to win over existing and new customers. A business website is also a vital part of customer relationship management. Finally, business websites help customers find out everything they need to know about a brand.

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What are some ideas for businesses to innovate in Real Estate and Home Inspection market?

Firstly, I’d say innovation is a slow dance rather than one big lightbulb moment. For that reason the best starting point is often canvassing the opinions of your customers and anybody working in the business – they might be sitting on something truly disruptive. It also pays to look to solve common or costly problems and let ideas percolate by seeking inspiration from outside the sector too – be it brands you admire or by reading case studies on the internet. Then once you have a list of ideas, rate them by ease, cost and impact to settle on your priorities.

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What are the stages of growing your business?

There are 3 key stages to growing your business:

Make sure your research is up-to-date and by that I mean you understand the dynamics of your industry, your sector and your customers. Poor research means you are not able to deeply understand your customers and you will not be able to predict their needs and more importantly, their problems. Being predictive and proactive are the keys.

Have a solid foundation for growth – have you audited your finances and produced a cashflow in line with your anticipated growth? Many companies fail because they don’t plan well enough and run out of cash, or don’t have the necessary funding in place to grow. You must also manage the risk factors here – growing a business means that everything is magnified and that includes the risk factors.

Execute and track your performance…and do it regularly. You need to be able to make decisions based on solid metrics and that will allow you to pivot in a heartbeat if necessary. Don’t fall into the trap of believing your own hype or sales story – the numbers mean everything.

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Why should small businesses invest in social media?

Any small or midsize business definitely needs to invest in social media for an effective, extensive and impactful engagement with a set of targeted audience, customers and business prospects. It can be in a local region or globally. As social media has got a huge penetration, users, followers and customer base across the globe, along with the extensive proliferation of Android devices and Apps, it is undoubtedly the most potent business advertising, marketing and promotion platform mankind has ever seen. And, with ever popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest, it has already revolutionized the online marketing industry by leveraging brands, products, ideas and services on a global stage or forum. This is how any small business can see its sales, revenue, visitor footfalls and traffic growing northward, every passing day, by best utilizing the reach of social media.

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How do you know if you need investment or credit for your new business?

Always ask yourself these two questions before taking on debt in your business. 1) What’s the total cost of the loan (application fees and interest will make it more expensive than you think)? 2) How long will it take you to pay it back? Don’t forget that certain periods in the market cycle are better than others for taking on debt: when interest rates are low, debt can be very manageable, but when they’re high (as they are now), taking on debt can be crippling.

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What are the most common mistakes made when starting a new business?

In my opinion, the common mistake that entrepreneurs make when starting a new business is not allocating enough resources to marketing and promotion. It’s important to get the word out about your business and attract customers from day one, but many businesses fail to do this effectively. As a result, they struggle to generate sales and eventually have to close their doors.

Nick Cullen | Senior Editor at Solution Suggest

What are the main elements for starting a business?

Starting a business is a beautiful project, and like every beautiful thing, some elements must come together to make it successful. Some of such elements that are essential to starting a business are:

The product: You must understand that your target market would only buy from you if your product or service is solving a major pain point. Most would buy a painkiller than multivitamins.
The team: Above all other elements, a company’s team determines its success or failure. The team is not just a part of a business, it is the very soul of the business. The team’s ability determines the capabilities of the business to execute its strategies.
The Business Location: Location plays a major role in business; it influences the external factors that a business must work around to succeed such as a business’s ability to market itself, competition from other businesses, policies, etc. In order words, it affects a business’s cost of operation.

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How to choose a proper website design for your Real Estate or Home Inspection Business?

Nearly 40% of people who visit your website will leave if your design is not appealing. In fact, 38.5% will judge your Real Estate or Home Inspection business based on your site at a glance. A poor negative experience could drive a large percentage of visitors to your competitor’s website. Learning how to build a Real Estate or Home Inspection website could prove essential to your company’s success.

Here are some things to consider for your Real Estate business website:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Getting to the top of Google and other search engines is important. Work to rank ahead of your competitors.
  • High-Quality Photos: Real Estate photos help to sell a house and you as an agent. It’s important to create a strong first impression. Using stock photos might make your brand look in-genuine.
  • Optimized for Conversions: Once you start generating website traffic, you need a way to convert those visitors into leads and sales. First, add an eye-catching button to the navigation bar encouraging visitors to book an appointment or contact you.
  • Customer Testimonials: Consumers want to find brands they can trust. Show you’re worthy of their trust by sharing client reviews on your website. You can also add trust badges to your footer.

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What are the most important elements your business website must have?

While businesses and product brands are ready to sell their products and services the moment a visitor arrives on their website, potential consumers and consumers are not ready to buy at that stage. They are only just beginning what we call their journey of conversion. Before they are ready to take the desired action they expect the answers to the following questions:

-What Do you Do?
-What are the Benefits of Working with You?
– Why Should I Use your Service/Product Instead of Your Competitors?
– How has Your Product/Services Benefited your Customers?
– What do You Want me to Do Now?

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What are the most important sections for a business website?

The most important section of a website is the Homepage. It’s the most vital part of all because it occupies a central role in your visitor’s journey. It is the hub that leads to all the other pages on your website

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What are the benefits of hiring an IT support company? 

Hiring a managed IT support company can provide numerous benefits, such as improved network security and stability, cost savings, access to the latest technology, rapid response to issues, and improved customer service. An example is managed IT services in Chicago that help businesses can save money on hiring and training staff, as well as on the purchase of equipment and software. You also get access to the latest technology, which can significantly improve efficiency and productivity. A huge overlooked benefit is that you get rapid responses to technical problems, reducing downtime, and can also improve customer service by providing faster response times and better service.